Art Projects Ibiza and Lune Rouge

In 2015, KCM Fine Arts established Art Projects Ibiza and Lune Rouge spaces with a mission to foster creative partnerships with artists and galleries by inviting international collaborators to realize large-scale projects in Ibiza. Creating a platform for those both established and emerging, each initiative is artist driven and aims to produce solo summer projects in tandem with Lune Rouge Collection. Previously showing major works of Takashi Murakami (2015) and Jenny Holzer (2016), the close and personal involvement artists generate projects that can cull from and respond to the site.

Hosting two exhibitions annually, the winter shows are solely dedicated to presenting major, institutional works from the collection such as Olafur Eliasson’s “Spherical Space”, Peter Fischli and David Weiss’ “Rat and Bear (Mobile)” and Kara Walker’s “The Sovereign Citizens Sesquicentennial Civil War Celebration”. Art Projects Ibiza and Lune Rouge’s summer projects open every year in June and appeal to a diverse and international audience, many of which dedicate a trip to Ibiza and Europe just to see the exhibitions.

Lune Rouge is a private collection whose public exhibition space is responsible for spearheading a cultural intervention in Ibiza. As one of the island’s only contemporary art spaces, the organization’s philanthropic mission has guided it to becoming a pioneer for outreach and education. Successfully connecting the local and global and international communities, Lune Rouge invites an artist each year to facilitate an ambitious and site specific project, opening in June.

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Birgit Lauda Foundation

Birgit Lauda launched B.LA Art Foundation in the fall of 2017. The Vienna-based art gallery promotes contemporary international and national artists. B.LA’s mission is to support Edit Schlaffer’s organization Women without Borders, which empowers women and effects positive change through global dialogue and the implementation of grassroots projects in around a dozen countries at any given time. In 2008, Schlaffer launched the Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE) campaign, the first research-based, female counter-terrorism platform. This unique initiative unites women around the world; its pioneering MotherSchools: Parenting for Peace! model has impacted the lives of some two thousand women and their families across thirteen countries.

KCM Fine Arts collaborates with B.LA Art Foundation by organizing exhibitions of internationally renowned and promising early career artists to help to achieve its ambitions as a supporter of Women without Borders.

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