Kimberly Chang Mathieu

With over 15 years of experience as a leading art advisor, Kimberly Chang Mathieu brings to the firm her extensive expertise and network of artists, estates, galleries, curators combined with her strong presence on the global art scene. She founded KCM Fine Arts in 2005 and has been since advising a number of the most prominent international collectors.

Ariana Regalado

Ariana Regalado joined KCM Fine Arts in 2015 with an in-depth knowledge of art history, specializing in Latin America. She is fluent in Spanish, Italian and French, having traveled the world extensively. Her practice includes a strong research based methodology in concert with an analytical perspective on the international art market.

Javier Aparicio

Javier Aparicio joined Art Projects Ibiza in 2016. Working in contemporary art since 2003, he has successfully collaborated with galleries and foundations within Europe and Latin America. Aparicio’s efforts are focused on establishing strong relationships between the two project spaces in Ibiza and other cultural institutions in Europe.

Jen Tokash

Jen Tokash has been working in the arts at museums, galleries and shipping companies for over 15 years. She has an extensive network of local CA, NY, US and global connections to move your artwork safely from gallery to your home. She has been Registrar and Project Manager at KCM Fine Arts since February of 2016.